What is a thesis?

Course project or course work are the first serious work of students of higher educational institutions. When receiving a task to complete a project or work, you should strictly adhere to the basic rules for its design and writing.

When preparing, it is necessary to take into account the specifics of the faculty and the student’s specialization. From this depends on the content and features of the work. Even the official name of the work may be different. While studying humanitarian specialties, students are invited to write a term paper, and while undergoing training in engineering faculties – a course project. Regardless of the chosen specialty and focus of the university structure and general requirements for these tasks will be the same.

The project involves the design and often accompanied by graphic materials, design calculations and drawings.

It is necessary to understand the meaning of the word, in the enterprise and in the training environment, the project and the work may be completely unrelated concepts. At the enterprise, these are various measures and proposals that contribute to the creation of a product or service, and in the educational process, a project activity involves the presentation of calculations, schedules, or any systems described in the project. An object can be any organization, all possible technologies applied to a specific project.

The task for the course project is to be completed, taking into account the specific data obtained by the student. Also included are the issues to be worked through, graphic and design tasks. Students are invited to master any engineering discipline using self-design, during which calculations and graphics are created. Thus, the acquired knowledge is deepened, which will enable them to master and study related disciplines.

When writing a project, the main part is divided into sections, which are defined together with the supervisor, taking into account the specifications of a particular discipline or project topic, and a list of abbreviations, special terms and applications are also included. The main objective of this work is to prepare the student to write more complex research projects, including final qualifying work.

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